Xilence Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is a German-Chinese manufacturer of components for cooling and noise reduction in PCs. The range of products consists of cases, power supply units, case fans, notebook coolers, CPU-, HHD-, GPU-, RAM- and Northbridge-coolers.
     Computers are becoming more and more multifunctional and powerful. Ambitious multimedia applications have revolutionized the entertainment electronics and enriched our lives. Even computer games have become more complex and photo-realistic. The computer technology expectations increase constantly.  At the same time, we have become more demanding. The top characteristics of sheer computing power and memory capacity are increasingly substituted by noise level and power consumption.
     The Xilence development team works continuously on making PCs more silent and energy efficient despite always increasing the computing power and graphic performance. Xilence not only contributes to making computer technology more comfortable, but also minimizes the noise level and the heat emissions, uses less energy and to protect the environment. The environment and the saving of resources are not restricted only to the Xilence products but also play a big role during the production process. Through close collaboration with engineers in Germany and the Far East along with the consistent utilization of the newest research results through intense exchange between respected universities, Xilence is engaged to minimize the production process concerning material and energy input.